Want to begin an ace new creative project? Or do you have one to finish that has been derailed? Then why not start a CreativePact?

CreativePact is the hub of a group of artists, musicians and technologists who enter a pact to create and document some new creative output regularly over the course of a month. Pacts may begin between August-October and run for 30 days.

What each person chooses as the subject of their Pact is entirely up to them. Each Pacter should keep a web-based documentation to chart their progress during the month, and supplementary commentary can be provided via social networks using the tag #creativepact.

Anyone may take a CreativePact, and should you decide to join get in touch with us and we’ll display a link to your project. For inspiration, check out the previous years of CreativePact online:


This year's CreativePact projects are:

Adam Jansch

Jansch Live

Start date: 2015-09-01

“This year I will be laying the groundwork for the live side of my electronic music practice, with eyes set on the first performance of Dorian Zoyd at Union Chapel on November 25th 2015.”


Mark G Carroll

Cello Piece for Hamilton Mausoleum

Start date: 2015-08-18

“For a while I’ve wanted to write a solo cello piece, to perform and record in ‎Hamilton Mausoleum - a building with famously long reverb (up to 15 seconds!). I’d also like to create an electro-acoustic partner piece simultaneously, using electric cello, FX board, and PC.”


Caitlin Rowley


Start date: 2015-09-02

“Following several months focusing on creating text scores and artworks, this September I will be working on reintegrating conventionally notated music into my creative practice, through listening, viewing, reading and thinking about ways of combining the various media I use, as well as composing and artmaking.”


Jenni Pinnock

Scribbles for Solo Instruments

Start date: 2015-09-01

“This September I’m aiming to spend time experimenting and dabbling with new ideas. I normally end up in a whirlwind working on a couple of pieces at a time, but I don’t get as much time as I used to (or as I’d love to have!) to look at new sources of inspiration and just scribble. I’m planning on spending the month listening, watching and learning, with the aim to create lots of scribbles for solo instruments, that may or may not end up being developed into longer pieces.”


Rachael Forsyth

Getting Back into the Swing

Start date: 2015-10-01

“October will be the month of composing for me! Daily scribblings to get the creative juices flowing once more. After a crazy busy year so far my composing time has been rapidly eaten away and I want to get back in to writing music and blogging again. I’m not planning on starting anything specific - just letting the music go where it wants to. Enjoyment rather than deadlines this year!”



  • Email: mail@creativepact.co.uk
  • Twitter: creativepacthub